Things to keep in Mind while Traveling in Different Countries


Traveling sounds quite exciting and it is – unless you don’t screw it up in the middle. If you are a first time traveler, you must know that there are rules – rules that you should not be following while traveling different places in the same country – different places around the world and many more.
There are plenty of things bizarre in this world. Just like all the fingers on your hand isn’t equal, the same way not every country and every countryman follow the same rules or cultures and behaviors or beliefs like you do. There are a lot of differences and this is why you should be following or you should be keeping a few things in mind while traveling in different countries all around the world
• When you travel Turkey, you should join one of the guided Turkey tours to get to know the culture and history in depth. There are many websites we can suggest but if your family can only understand Spanish then tour turquia website would be vital for you.
• Traveling in London? Well, always make sure you stand on your right while you are on the escalator. This is actually a way to tell others or the people who are in a hurry that there are spaces to walk up in case if they want to
• Never ever try to be too friendly with Swedish and Finnish people. Trying to be quite imposing with them can be very awkward for them. They love their space so always try to keep the small talk formal.
• French is an amazing language and the French people aren’t very fond of speaking in English easily. So if you are trying to start a conversation with them, try to start with French – if you are awful, (read you probably are) they will automatically switch to English.
• China is an amazing place to visit and who can say no to Chinese food? Well, if you are a Chinese lover and you have emptied your plate, that means you are still hungry and you need more food. Don’t want to be over fed? Then waste a little by keeping leftovers on your plate.
• Never refuse a drink from your Danish friend. This means you don’t like him and you are being cold towards him. You don’t want to do that – do you?
The world is indeed a bizarre place and the cultures are even weirder. But as they say – you have to respect the culture of the country you are visiting!

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